Three generations of passion

Stärke Automotive was founded by father and son team Wade and Maxwell Morrison. The original inspiration for Stärke began nearly forty years ago when Wade's father Daniel first shared a photo of the iconic Porsche 356 Speedster with him.

As a passionate car enthusiast Daniel fell in love with the 356 Speedster while stationed in Germany in the late sixties. Like so many, he was taken back by the Porsche's modern design for the time period. Upon his return to the states he shared his newfound love and respect of the German culture with his family. He taught them to appreciate German engineering and how everything from Germany felt different, worked different and was unique when compared to products from other countries.

As a kid, Wade remembers "My Dad had all this cool stuff from Germany around our house and he always dreamed of taking us there one day. He loved everything mechanical and he especially loved cars. We spent our weekends at the local car shows or working on our own cars. He taught me everything about cars and his passion became my passion. He loved all types of cars from Porsche's to Pontiac's but he always dreamed of owning a 356 Speedster. Unfortunately, he never realized that dream as he passed away unexpectedly at a young age".

Fortunately, the love for the automobile is a unique passion that can be passed from generation to generation. Wade passed down his fathers stories and appreciation of the 356 to his son Maxwell and over the years one thing led to another and ultimately a dream was brought to life. As a tribute to Daniel, Wade and Maxwell chose the name Starke which stands for "Strength" and “Power” in German. They felt it not only signifies their commitment to quality and integrity but it also serves as a symbol to Daniel's legacy as they honor his dream with their own modern interpretation of the iconic Speedster. Stärke for life.