Frequently asked questions

1. DOES YOUR PRICING INCLUDE THE COST OF THE DONOR CAR? Our price does not include the donor car or optional features. This gives you the freedom to locate a donor Porsche Boxster that meets your budget. We can also help you locate a prospective car and turn-key a build. We can custom build our Speedster body conversion on any model Boxster from 1998 - 2012 will work. 

2. CAN I PICK MY OWN BOXSTER TO SEND TO YOU FOR THE CONVERSION? Yes! The Starke Revolution Speedster is an after market body conversion that can be applied to a 1998-2012 Porsche Boxster or Boxster S with any transmission. We give you the freedom to select a Boxster that has the features you want and fits into your budget. You can ship the car to us for the conversion or we can help you find a car in AZ if you want to save on the shipping costs. There's plenty of amazing Boxster's out there that can be had for as little as 8k and you can find a nice "S" starting at 12k. Either way you can be assured that our Revolution Speedster built on any year Boxster will offer superior performance, driveability, reliability and modern conveniences when compared to a replica speedster.

3. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO BUILD ME A CAR? Once we are fully up to speed we expect to deliver a custom Starke Revolution Speedster to you in 120 days from final approval of build sheet and rendering. We have assembled some of the best fabricators, designers, craftsman and body shop professionals in the business. Many of our team members have over 25 years experience. Our Director of Fabrication is a 3rd generation master level body man and painter. You can rest assured this is not our first rodeo.

4. CAN I PICK THE COLOR OF MY CAR AND INTERIOR? Yes! Everyone who is a "car guy" or "car woman" has a vision in their head of how they would like their Revolution Speedster built. We're here to bring your vision to life in a car that you can use everyday if you like and drive around the block or around the country. We build each custom Speedster to each individual customer. You can select from factory paint colors or choose an optional paint to sample custom mix. The interior of the car can be fully customized to suit your taste as well with optional vintage plaid style seat and door panel trim, diamond stitch leather seat inserts, custom leather dash and contrast stitching. You name it and we can do it. However, if you pick a donor car that already has the color of the interior you like this will save you money. But, we can do just about anything.

5. CAN I SELECT A CUSTOM TOP COLOR? Yes! We can modify the top in just about any color providing we can source the material. The color top is an especially nice touch on a Speedster.